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Tuesday February 20, 2018 

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Sean P. Efford
New Mexico

Caitlyn Brady
New Hampshire

Katty McGuire Andrea

JP Faulk

Michael Miller

Chuck Tabaka

Miranda Daly

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Kaylin Marie Mathews

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Vivianna Satterfield
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South Carolina

Taylor Smith

Danielle cherished family, friends and life. She had her whole life planned out; her husband, number of kids, two dogs and would be a dermatologist, a career where she could help others but have time for her family.
Christi had just enrolled in college. She just began taking First Baptist Church shuttles downtown every Thursday to befriend the homeless. Just chit chatting with them and letting them know they had a friend. In her journals, she was determined to turn her life around and she started by helping others. She volunteered often for the M.U.S.T. Ministries to help set up their clothing shop for the homeless and the children's center. She helped cooked their meals. She helped do their laundry. She wanted to go into a field helping others. She would have changed at least one person's life, for the better, when they thought there was no more hope. She didn't show up last Thursday. She died.
In the months before she was killed, 21-year-old Anke Furber had been acting scared and she seemed to know she was in danger. Several days after Furber's charred remains were discovered in a small vineyard in Norcross, Anke's mom, Ria, found a note in Anke's desk at home in Marietta. In it, Anke seemed to foreshadow her own death. She wrote, "My parents would surely grieve the loss of their wonderful daughter whose craziness would soon lead to her slaughter". Ria isnt sure exactly when the note was written, but believes it was written in a close time frame to the actual murder.
At 22 years old, Levi had goals and ambitions of being a business owner, a husband and a father. He loved his family and friends with everything in him and would do anything for you. His shyness and manners we're a shining attribute to who he was. Unfortunately, Levi befriended someone who for nearly three years took advantage of his kindness and when asked to leave his home, he killed him. If he would have just walked out the door as asked, Levi would still be here today. We'll never know all the wonderful things that Levi would have accomplished, but we know he was a "Friend" till the end.
Ephraim was 21 yrs old when he prematurely transitioned to the other side. He was a very warm hearted young man. And was always available to help friends and family. As his cousin Ben said about him: "You can lay a 1,000. on the table and know completely that Ephraim would have never taken it". He spent most of his days at Antique World in Clarence , NY which was owned and operated by his Uncle. That was my sons world. A world he will no longer be able to participate in. He is sorely missed by his family and friends.
Mark suffered a brain injury at the age of 19 the night of a high school prom. Mark died at the age of 25. Life was hard for Mark, he lived an aphasic life. Mark struggled to relearn his alphabet and to speak again. Neuro rehab, drug rehab, jails, institutions and death. Mark was disabled and a fighter all at the same time. College, heavy equipment operator, volunteering were all part of these six years. Mark loved kids and wished he had one. Due to the selfish reasoning of his so called friends, Mark will never be able to achieve his dreams that he fought so hard for. Mark's struggle is over !! PEACE..........
His friends describe him as a kind, warm hearted, full of energy, always smiling, and a very silly young man. They also said that whenever Sean walked into a room that he had the ability lighting up the room because he was full of life and energy! He loved his dad, his mom, and his sister very much. He had a very special bond with his great grandma Efford and his great aunt Charlene whom also up in heaven with him. A warm hug from Sean was just another way that he showed his affection to his family and friends
When Cayte was in the middle school she was on the track team, she was a cheerleader for the Nor-Roc Vikings, she was on a soccer team, and she loved attending the dances at the Sad Cafe. When she went to high school, all of those activities stopped. The sad reason was because she was too old. All the kids have, once they reach high school, are the woods and the homes of friends when the parents are at work. If she had activities to do after school when she went to high school, maybe this wouldn't have happened.
From her birth to her passing Katty touched so many lives. Not only did her family have the joy of watching her grow from a 6 pound baby girl to a beautiful young woman, but so many others did as well. The lives she touched are too many to fathom. Her beauty and grace preceded her where ever she went. Her heart was made of fine gold and she cared for others always before herself. She was not just special to all of us but to the Lord who saw fit to call her home at such a young age. Her mansion was ready! When we think of Katty now we all can be at peace because we know she is with her Lord, never to face this harsh world we live in day to day. She is with us always when we remember her smile, her touch, and her kind words. We all had the pleasure of being touched by an ANGEL!
We want our son's name to be Remembered and to bring hope and joy out of something that has been the darkest and heartbreaking days of our families life. JP was very out spoken and we have decided to be that way on this site and to be his voice about the drug companies and the public official's that sit back and do nothing. If we could save one person from what our family had to go Through and is still going Through, it would be all worth it We will not stop until the truth gets out. We want his memory to live on.
Time has gone by so quickly and it seems like we haven't seen your face in forever. Our hearts are broken, our tears flow so freely and our souls feel empty. Michael, you left us with so many happy memories but the memories can never take your place. We know you and your uncle Sam are saving a place for those who cherished you the most.
Two weeks before he died, Chuck called me on the phone. He was excited to tell me he was joining the National Guard. He had begun to think about being a History Teacher. He planned to attend school after basic training. He also mentioned a new girlfriend. He was pretty crazy about her but wanted to give things a little more time before making her "meet the parents". Still, we made plans to meet for lunch once July wound down. He thought we might all get together and told me not to worry, he had a job and would help pay the check. The first time I met the young lady he was so crazy about was as she cried herself senseless over his casket. She laid a broken heart chain and necklace across his hands. She wore the mating half around her slender neck. Her courage in court helped to solidify the deal that sent a drug dealer to prison. I hope she, and Chuck's other friends, make the right decision and swear off drug use so we may never see their faces on these pages.
Everyone ever touched by Miranda. This will be a tribute to the life she lived. She was the most remarkable and inspirational woman I have ever known. I was in awe of my own daughter. Even as her mother, her beauty took my breath away, and as she walked this earth from her crawling stages to adulthood her beauty from the inside amazed me. Miranda loved about every living thing and each friend she had she made her relationship with them special and unique.
Jamie was a very loving son, brother, grandson, nephew, boyfriend and friend.. Most importantly he was the best father anyone could have asked for.. Even though he was only 16 when he was taken away from us from his so called friend, he did everything for his daughter and mother of his daughter  that he had asked to marry him when he turns 18.. Jamie was the type of kid that would take his shirt off his back for anyone that needs it..  Jamie died on April 23, 2008.. If only his so called friend (29 yrs old), his mother and the other people at the home called 911 instead of waiting 3 hours, he would still be here with us today.. Jamie's dad passed away Nov 2005 and he had a hard time dealing with loosing his father and could not believe he was gone.. Well now Jamie is at home with his dad..Until we meet again... I am proud of you my son..Love you always and forever, Mommy
Kaylin Marie Mathews was born on a Tuesday March 1, 1988. Kaylin was my oldest child and my only daughter. She could play the piano, guitar, and drums and loved to sing. She had been "spinning records" the last few years and loved to mix music. She had been working as a d.j. at the time of her death and was very good. Kaylin was an only child for 71/2 years. She has one brother and one sister. She was a talented writer. She made jewelry and she could draw. There was nothing that my baby couldn't do, if she wanted to. Kaylin was left to die in a ravine on June 30, 2008. She was found on July 1, 2008. Her date of death is listed as a Tuesday July 1, 2008. She was 20 years old. I miss her every second of every day. The world lost an amazing talent and an amazing young woman. I lost a part of my heart.
R.J. was truly a blessing in our lives. He was the kind of son that most parents only dream of having. He always respected and obeyed his parents and never got in trouble. RJ was never in trouble in his life RJ always called home to let us know where he was and when he would be home. When he was missing and we couldn't reach him on his cell phone, we knew immediately something terrible was wrong. This is a nightmare that no parent should have to go through and we are living it. Our concern is not what we are going through, but what our son had to go through in his final moments of life.
William Michael Grandchamp better known as Billy, was born Nov 7,1979. HE was a only child. Billy had many friends. Billy often told his friends that his MOM was his best friend. Billy liked to collect sports attire like jerseys and sports caps.Everything he wore had to match. He was meticulous with his clothing, car, and home. Although, Billy had no children of his own he loved children. He told me his greatest wish was to find a good girl and settle down and have a family. That seemed to be very important to him. Even at a young age he had a gift with children. Billy's friends have always commented on how good he was with their children and how their children loved him. Billy was loved by so many people. He had over 800 friends and family members at his wake. Billy will be greatly missed by all his family and friends.
Chase lived life spontaneously with the freedom of a butterfly – a free spirit & soul – no one could hold him down, except his baby girl. She was his LIFE. There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for her, including getting clean. Chase was clean 1.5 yrs, after 6 months in residential rehab in New Orleans, continued with NA meetings, substance abuse group counseling, and sought out a Navy recruiter who told him all he would have to do to be eligible. He seemed to be on his way, until he fell off the wagon 12 days out of jail. Turning to heroin again to deal with stress was the mistake of his life. “Chase’s Story” is shared with you on his main page. Thanks for taking time to read it. Sincere and heartfelt thanks to the FDLFD Family for taking us under their wings. “They will sing me to them, and I will hear.” ~RIP Chase~4evrYng~1985-2009
Katelynn Lillian Porter, 16, of West Elgin, was killed in a car crash on Dunborough Rd. in Elgin County. “In loving memory of Katelynn Porter. 12/12/09. 9:40 p.m.” is written between two hearts on the roadside memorial, a makeshift cross. Porter was a student at West Elgin secondary school, where officials are trying to come to grips with the news of her death, especially so close to Christmas.
Tony passed away 10 days after his 16th birthday. He asked permission to spend the night at his friends and I told him yes. I told him" I love you" and he replied "I love you too Mom. Tony was the kid who wanted to make everyone laugh. He had such a wonderful sense of humor and a big heart. He would talk to his friends for hours trying to help them solve their problems. He was a loving big brother, and a wonderful son. He would help you with anything without even being asked. Tony was an extremely intelligent child. He was always placed in advanced classes. A week before he passed we received a letter from Columbine informing us that Tony was nominated to participate in their advanced English Program. He had a gift for writing stories.
She loved all things technical and mechanical with her older brother Ian and fashion and decorating days with her older sister Genevieve. She loved Gothic country art, the workings of the human body, video games, driving and her new tattoo machine. She loved swimming and surfing. She loved all things living and loved her dog Timpleton and her parrot Thermopolis. She had a strong heart and soul, was an independent and progressive thinker, open minded and a will power like no one else. Her favorite place to go was Barnes and Noble.
Vivianna Satterfield was 15 years old! Vivi was the type of young lady that put other people in front of herself. She would always say "Peace and Love".
Kelli Laine Lewis is my only daughter. Kelli died when she was 18 after attending a party hosted by 3 adults who offered a $5.00 entry fee to come and drink all you wanted. A pretty tempting offer for teens not old enough to buy alcohol.
Growing up – she had it all. She was smart and witty - she could come up with a jovial comeback in almost any conversation or situation. She wShe was smart and witty - she could come up with a jovial comeback in almost any conversation or situation. She was always photographing everything and always laughing. She had an infectious laugh, loud and squeaky, but incredibly endearing. Taylor was a huge fan of Tyler Perry’s Madea. She owned every play and knew every word to every gospel song in the plays. She would sing them at the top of her lungs to anyone that would listen. as always photographing everything and always laughing. She had an infectious laugh, loud and squeaky, but incredibly endearing.
He went out THE FIRST TIME to celebrate being "LEGAL" with a creep he considered a friend (even though we warned him this guy was not a true friend). My son did not drive so he was picked up about ten thirty. Even when it was obvious my son was having difficulties this creep brought him to his own house , which is 4 houses away for a few hours, and dropped him off here at home in the middle of the night WITHOUT KNOCKING OR CALLING OR WAKING US UP. We found Ben in his bed the next morning when we tried to wake him.

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Powerful 'Fake Pot' Sold In Georgia

March 2,2010

ATLANTA -- It looks like potpourri, but is smoked like pot; according to kids that are smoking it feels just like marijuana but even stronger.

It's a legal herb found at local smoke shops and gas stations marketed under names like K2, Sunset Gold and Nirvana.

Channel 2 Action News investigated and found the incense at several local smoke shops. "We sold 25 packs today of this. It flies!," one sales clerk said.

The packaging describes the herb as "not for human consumption," but that has not deterred those looking for a legal and undetectable high.

Dr. John Huffman a Research Chemist with Clemson University in South Carolina says, "It has the effects of THC, but it's about ten times more potent." One of Dr. Huffman's students discovered a synthetic form of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, while studying the effects of pharmaceuticals on the brain. "Then, somehow people got the bright idea of spraying this onto or fixing it with plant material and smoking it," he says, "I don't feel responsible for the misuse of a substance that was designed for research, you're dealing with an unknown substance, it's a little bit akin to playing Russian roulette."

Since synthetic THC is so new, there is no research on it's toxicity and potential to harm smokers. Some doctors have reported users suffering from hallucinations, vomiting and even seizures.

Drug counselor Dr. Robert Margolis of Solutions Outpatient Program in Roswell, told Channel 2 Action News a number of his patients have used the drug. He said, "This is easy to obtain, if you have the money and secondly it's not detectable in a drug screening. It is addictive, it's a dangerous drug and lastly we don't know what the long term affects are going to be."

Several counties across the nation have taken steps to ban K2 and similar drugs. Georgia state senator Ed Harbison told Channel 2 Action News reporter Tom Regan that he may consider calling for the same. "I think it's a looming menace and we're going to have to deal with it one way or another," Harbison said.


Owasso Teen Arrested For New Teenage Drug Of Choice

Posted: Feb 18, 2010 1:13 PM PST   

By Lori Fullbright, The News On 6

OWASSO, OK -- Police say parents have cause to beware of a new teenage drug of choice.  Owasso police officers arrested 18-year-old Christian Ream, Friday, February 12th in connection to the drug.

He's accused of giving "Triple-C" to minors.

"Triple-C" is actually over the counter cough medicine called Coricidin cough and cold pills.

The police report says Ream admitted buying and giving the pills to four juveniles and watched as each of them took a box of 16 pills.

It says officers learned of the incident after parents of a 14-year-old Owasso girl contacted them after she was admitted to a hospital on February 11th because of a drug overdose. They told police she had taken an extreme quantity of Coricidin cough and cold pills.

These aren't the only cases, according to the report.

It says Ream told police that on February 9th he watched two girls ingest large doses of the medicine and begin "tripping."

The report also mentions two other juveniles who were being checked by medics after saying they'd each taken 24 Coricidin tablets.

Tainted Cocaine Linked to Serious Illness

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, using cocaine can have a variety of adverse effects on the body.  Regardless of how or how frequently cocaine is used, a user can experience acute cardiovascular or cerebrovascular emergencies, such as a heart attack or stroke, which may cause sudden death. Cocaine-related deaths are often a result of cardiac arrest or seizure followed by respiratory arrest.

Over the past several days, Canadian news outlets have also begun reporting that tainted cocaine is being linked to several cases of illness in that nation. 

Seven people in Alberta have developed a form of immune system suppression after consuming cocaine laced with a chemical compound, public health officials said Friday.

The individuals developed agranulocytosis, a condition that makes the immune system incapable of fighting off infections.

It makes common infections become serious, even fatal, quite quickly.

"We are advising anyone who develops a fever or other signs of infection and has used cocaine to seek medical attention quickly," Dr. Gerry Predy, Alberta's Acting Chief Medical Officer of Health, said in a news release. [CBC]

If you or someone you know is using cocaine, there is help available.  Use SAMHSA's drug treatment locater tool to find the right drug abuse treatment program in your area.



                              Here's what you need to know about teens and drugs today:

Cold Medicine Abuse

Dextromethorphan (DXM): This is a drug contained in
over-the-counter cough suppressants. After 900 milligrams, it becomes a hallucinogen. Synonyms for DXM include Candy, Dex, DM, Drex, Red Devils, Robo, Rojo, Skittles, Tussin, Velvet, Poor Man's X, and Vitamin D. "Tussin is a very popular name that’s has been catching on lately," says Pollock.

"Cold medicine abuse is a very serious problem, from what I have seen, because it is so available.

Syrup heads: Users of DXM

Dexing: Abusing cough syrup. Synonyms include robotripping or robodosing because users tend to chug Robitussin or another cough syrup to get high.

Triple C: This stands for Coricidin HBP Cough and Cold. "The triple C or CCC is something that we are seeing a lot of, and that is specific to Coricidin, but anything with DXM is abused today," adds Kevin M. Gray, MD, an assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston.

More Teen Drug Use Terms

Special K: A medication used as an anesthetic in humans and animals, ketamine is sometimes abused as a "club drug." It can cause hallucinations and euphoria in higher doses. Synonyms include vitamin K, breakfast cereal, cat valium, horse tranquilizer, K, Ket, new ecstasy, psychedelic heroin, and super acid.

Crank: The stimulant methamphetamine. Synonyms include meth, speed, chalk, white cross, fire, and glass. "Crystal methamphetamine is called ice," says Cleveland Clinic's Pollock. "Crystal meth is smoked, but meth can be injected, snorted, or taken as a pill," he explains.

Antifreeze: Heroin. Synonyms include Big H, brown sugar, dope, golden girls, H, horse, junk, poison, skag, smack, sweet dreams, tar, and train, according to the web site of Phoenix House, a national alcohol and drug abuse treatment and prevention facility.

Crunk: This is a verb that means to get high and drunk at the same time.

Snow: Cocaine. Synonyms include Charlie, crack, coke, dust, flake, freebase, lady, nose candy, powder, rock, rails, snowbirds, toot, white, and yahoo, according to Phoenix House. "After all this time, alcohol and pot are still the most used drugs by teens, but cocaine is really a strong third, especially with females, because of the weight issue," says Janice Styer, MSW, a clinical coordinator-addictions counselor at Caron Treatment Center in Wernersville, Pa. "The drug of choice among women with eating disorders is almost invariably cocaine." A stimulant, cocaine can decrease appetite.

X: Ecstasy or 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA). Synonyms include Adam, E, bean, clarity, essence, lovers speed, MDMA, roll, stacy, XTC, according to the Phoenix House.

Georgia Home Boy: This refers to Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB), a central nervous system depressant can produce euphoric, sedative, and body-building effects. Other synonyms include Gamma-OH, Grievous Bodily Harm, Liquid Ecstasy, Liquid E, Liquid X, Organic Quaalude, and Scoop, according to Phoenix House.

Roofies: This refers to rohypnol, a.k.a. the date rape drug. Synonyms include the forget pill, La Rocha, Mexican valium, R-2, rib, roachies, roofenol, rophies, roche (pronounced roe-shay), and rope.

Kibbles and bits: The attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) drug called Ritalin. It is sometimes also referred to as pineapple, says Pollock.

Teens and Drugs on the Web

Cheese: This is a hazardous mix of black tar heroin and Tylenol PM or other medicines containing diphenhydramine). It looks like grated parmesan cheese -- thus the name. There were more than 20 teen deaths in Dallas and surrounding neighborhoods that have been attributed to Cheese since it was identified in 2005.

Candy flipping: This term refers to a high that’s achieved by combining LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) or acid with ecstasy. "The new thing, especially with kids on the Internet, is which drugs are best and safest to combine," explains Styer.

A new study by the Caron Treatment Centers found that one in 10 messages on the Internet involved teens seeking advice from their peers on how to take illicit drugs.

The messages were posted on common online message boards, forums, and social network sites such as MySpace. com.

The new drug - Salvia

                         Also known as "Magic Mint"  -  "Ska Maria Pastora"  -  "Sally D"

This drug is smoked like Marijuana - most common is with a pipe

 Salvia (Salvia divinorum) is an herb common to southern Mexico and Central and South America. The main active ingredient in Salvia, salvinorin A, is a potent activator of kappa opioid receptors in the brain.1,2 These receptors differ from those activated by the more commonly known opioids, such as heroin and morphine.

Traditionally, S. divinorum has been ingested by chewing fresh leaves or by drinking their extracted juices. The dried leaves of S. divinorum can also be smoked as a joint, consumed in water pipes, or vaporized and inhaled. Although Salvia currently is not a drug regulated by the Controlled Substances Act, several States and countries have passed legislation to regulate its use.3 The Drug Enforcement Agency has listed Salvia as a drug of concern and is considering classifying it as a Schedule I drug, like LSD or marijuana.

Health/Behavioral Effects

People who abuse Salvia generally experience hallucinations or delusional episodes that mimic psychosis.4,5 Subjective effects have been described as intense but short-lived; they appear in less than 1 minute and last less than 30 minutes. Effects include psychedelic-like changes in visual perception, mood, and body sensations; emotional swings; feelings of detachment; and importantly, a highly modified perception of external reality and the self, which leads to a decreased ability to interact with one's surroundings.5 This last effect has prompted concern about the dangers of driving under the influence of salvinorin. The long-term effects of Salvia abuse have not been investigated systematically.

Extent of Use

There are no available estimates of Salvia abuse, but a recent increase in Salvia-related media reports and Internet traffic suggest the possibility of an increase in the level of Salvia abuse in the United States and Europe.4 Although information about the user population is limited, users appear to be mostly younger adults and adolescents who are influenced by promotions of the drug on Internet sites.3 Rather than being used as a party drug, Salvia seems to appeal to individual experimentalists.5

                                                  New drug dangers: Candy-flavored meth


Posted: 5:28 PM Apr 26, 2007



There's a new version of an old drug that is hitting the streets. Meth drug dealers are now turning their attention toward children.

Ryan Dearbone decided to take a look at just how dangerous this drug is and if your child could come face-to-face with it in the near future.


"Meth in itself is probably one of the most dangerous drugs that we have dealt with in our 10 year history and in my 35 year career in law enforcement," said Tommy Loving, drug task force director.

Methamphetamine has been on the streets for years in one form or another, but its the drugs latest form that could be its deadliest.

The drug is now being marketed towards children as a candy. Warren East High School student Andrew White said he doesn't know much about this new form of meth, but he does know one thing.

"I've heard one thing about it - that it looks just like pop rocks," White said.

Drug dealers are putting taste and colors in their product to give them the look and taste of flavored candy. Drug enforcement officers have seen meth in flavors of chocolate, cola and other soda-flavors. The most popular version is strawberry or strawberry quick as its more commonly referred to.

Drug dealers are hoping that by making candy-flavored meth look like a children's candy, they can entice your child to become their next customer.

"It does look just like pop rocks, and as you know most kids are really into that hard candy scenario. If that child ingests that to any degree. It could be fatal to them," said Joe Jakub with Reach for you Dreams, which is a program to keep kids of drugs.

Despite being the number one illegal drug in America, drug officials said the reason for this candy flavored meth is to push up slipping drug sales among teenagers.

According to the substance abuse and mental health services administration, the number of first time meth users aged 12 and older decreased from 300,000 in 2004 to 190,000 in 2005.

"Their target, needless to say, is getting lower and lower in age brackets. Candy-flavored meth is a good indicator of that," Jakub said.

The addition of flavor to the drug is also making the drug more popular because the flavoring can cut down on meth's normally bitter taste.

"I think its horrible. That's the way to get kids to try something, if you're going to give them something that tastes good, something that they're familiar with," mother Christy Brock said.

"I think its pretty scary because I liked pop rocks as a kid, so I know kids that age would like the taste of it and the way it pops in your mouth and not realize its drugs inside of it," mother Stacce Wyatt said.

While the drug may give off the impression that its a candy there is a sign that may say otherwise.

"They say the odor of methamphetamine is still there, but as far as the child knowing, I don't really think they would," Jakub said.

Loving said the drug is coming both from inside the United States and abroad.

"It's coming in through Mexican drug cartels across the border like 80 percent of the other drugs in this country," Loving said.

He also notes that because of the newness of this candy-flavored meth, law enforcement agencies throughout the nation don't know a whole lot about it. What law enforcement officials do know is that as of now there have been no cases of candy-flavored meth reported in our area. So far the only cases reported have been on the western coast of the country.

Loving and Jakub both believe that while the upstart drug isn't here yet, its' really only a matter of time until we see it. Although candy-flavored meth is surging in popularity among teens, colored meth is nothing new.

In the past two years, law enforcement in Missouri has had to crack down on blue-colored meth called smurf dope that had begun to circulate the area. Colors have been used to advertise or brand which meth is the best.

Ecstasy Now Being Mixed With Meth

(Feb. 19) - Nick, 16, says ecstasy is rampant in his high school, with kids often mixing the drug with meth and other substances.

More than half of all ecstasy seized in the United States last year was laced with meth, authorities say.
"You just have to know the right person. It's about as easy as any other drug. You just gotta ask for it," says Nick, who asked that his last name not be used. "It's easy to get."

Law enforcement officials say stories like these highlight a disturbing trend they're seeing across the country. Most alarming, they say, is not only is ecstasy back after years of decline, but most of the time it's laced with meth.

More than 55 percent of the ecstasy samples seized in the United States last year contained meth, according to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, compared with 44.5 percent the previous year. And the drugs are coming in at rapid pace from Canada. Video Watch ecstasy's pipeline into U.S.

Almost 5.5 million pills of ecstasy were seized in the states bordering Canada in 2006 (the most recent year for which full statistics are available) -- an almost tenfold increase since 2003, top drug enforcement officials say.

"They drive them in. They bring them in by boat. They bring them in by plane. They bring them across by people just carrying them across their back much like the southwest border," says Ed Duffy, an assistant special agent in charge for the Drug Enforcement Administration's northern region.

Because meth is less expensive than ecstasy, mixing the two saves producers money, but it also makes it more dangerous, officials say.

Ecstasy can cause sharp increases in body temperature and can result in liver, kidney or heart damage. When laced with meth, officials say, the combination can cause more severe harm because meth can damage brain functions, as well as lead to an increase in breathing, irregular heartbeats and increased blood pressure. The National Institute on Drug Abuse says meth -- or methamphetamine -- is a "very addictive stimulant drug."

Law enforcement officials say European countries cracked down on ecstasy production in the early 2000s and manufacturing moved to Canada. And now, Asian gangs in Canada have been smuggling the chemicals needed to make ecstasy from China and India, officials with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police tell CNN.

Finished pills are then pushed in vast quantities into the United States, a flow that's difficult to stop because of the vast, largely unpoliced border, officials say.

Those on the front lines in Canada and the United States say they are working closely and sharing intelligence to try to stem the flow. Canadian officials also say they have a good relationship with Chinese law enforcement.

The Mounties have created teams across Canada focused on identifying the criminal organizations producing ecstasy and meth and say they have shut down 17 labs in the past year.

"The labs that we're finding now are what you refer to in the United States as super labs. We call them economic-based labs," says Raf Souccar, assistant commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Each lab produces more than 10 pounds of ecstasy in one batch, he says. "It's not your mom and pop operation. It tells me that it is criminal organizations that are, yes, more sophisticated and producing it for profit as opposed to producing it to fuel their habit."

It's then finding its way into schools, like Nick's in Albany, New York.

"I have been seeing an increase in pill use among the teens in general," says Greg Reid, a counselor at Equinox Community Services Agency, which sponsors drug counseling and other activities for youth in Albany.

"They do something called 'pharming' where they throw a bunch of pills into a bowl and kind of choose or take out the pills they want."

Ecstasy pills are often among the drugs of choice in the bowl.

"I have seen that increase in the past two years," Reid says. "Ecstasy ... can be very dangerous, especially if you don't know what it is getting mixed with."

Ecstasy “Did You Know”

 For Parents


 1) Teen experimentation with Ecstasy has increased by 71 percent in the last three years.   (Source: PDFA)

 2) More teens in America have now experimented with Ecstasy than Cocaine, Crack or Heroin.   (Source: PDFA)

 3) Close to three million teenagers in America have tried Ecstasy.  (Source: PDFA)

 4) Ecstasy tablets come with as many as 150 different dye stamps designed to attract teenagers just like yours.  (Source DEA)

 5) Emergency room episodes involving Ecstasy tripled between 1998 and 2000. (Source: DAWN)

 6) Research links Ecstasy use to long-term damage to parts of the brain critical to thought and memory.  (Source: NIDA)

 7) Some 80 percent of the Ecstasy in the U.S. is made in the Netherlands for as little as 50 cents a tablet, while a single hit of “X” sells for $10.00 - $40.00 in America. (Source: DEA)

 8) Many teens view Ecstasy as less harmful than Cocaine, Crack, Heroin or LSD. (Source: PDFA)

 9) Ecstasy use is particularly easy to hide from a parent because it requires no paraphernalia and emits no smell.  (Source: PDFA)

 10) The demand for Ecstasy is escalating? In 1998, Government officials seized 750,000 Ecstasy tablets. Last year, that figure jumped to 9.3 million. (Source: DEA)

 11) Ecstasy use can cause confusion, depression, dizziness, headaches, muscle tension, panic attacks, paranoia, severe anxiety and vomiting. (Source: NIDA)

 12) Child like costumes such as angel wings, glow sticks, glowing jewelry, children’s backpacks, teddy bears/children’s toys and pacifiers are highly associated with teens who use Ecstasy. (Source: DEA)

 For more information, call 1-866-XTC-FACTS or logon to: www.drugfreeamerica.org

Released January 3, 2007


Is A Once-Waning Fad Making A Comeback In A Dangerous New Form?

(Washington, D.C.)—The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) is warning public health and safety leaders across the country about a dangerous new drug threat coming from Canada. Ecstasy laced with methamphetamine (meth) has been entering the United States illegal drug markets, particularly in northern border states. Intelligence reports indicate that once smuggled into the U.S., the meth-laced Ecstasy is then being distributed throughout the country.

The dangerous poly-drug combination of methamphetamine and Ecstasy can have severe health consequences, especially as both drugs have toxic effects on the brain. They both can interfere with the body's ability to regulate temperature, leading to sharp increases in body temperature (hyperthermia), which can result in liver, kidney, and cardiovascular system failure and death. The potential for a life-threatening or fatal overdose is also increased when meth-laced Ecstasy is combined with alcohol. Recent laboratory research suggests that Ecstasy and meth combinations may produce greater adverse neurochemical and behavioral effects than either drug alone.

John Walters, the Nation's “Drug Czar,” said, “This ‘Extreme Ecstasy' is a disturbing development in what has been one of the most significant international achievements against the illicit drug trade. Historic progress against Ecstasy availability and use is in jeopardy of being rolled back by Canadian criminal organizations. Desperate to develop their client base, they are dangerously altering a product for which demand by youth and young adults had plummeted, and are exploiting vulnerabilities along our shared border. This is alarming for the youth of both Canada and the United States.”

Ecstasy use in the United States rose in the late 1990s with the rise of the ‘Rave' culture, however due to the well-coordinated national and international response - Ecstasy use in the U.S. diminished in the early 2000s. In fact, the U.S. witnessed a 54 percent reduction since 2001 in the number of United States teens using Ecstasy in the past month, however recent data show progress against the drug has ebbed. The number of people in the U.S. who reported that they tried Ecstasy for the first time during the past year increased 40 percent between 2005 and 2006 – from 615,000 to 860,000. One-third of these new users in 2006 were under age 18 when they started using Ecstasy.

And while still lower than its peak in 2002, past-month Ecstasy use has been increasing over the last two years among young adults aged 18-25. An estimated 326,000 young adults reported past-month Ecstasy use in 2006, compared to 231,000 in 2004. These increases coincide with increased trafficking of Ecstasy from Canada. Additionally, the latest Monitoring the Future Study, which tracks teen attitudes and behavior with respect to drug use, found decreases in the perception of risk of taking Ecstasy occasionally among 8 th and 10 th graders (-7% and -4%, respectively). After years of increased perception of risk for Ecstasy use, today's young people are not getting the message that Ecstasy use is dangerous and potentially deadly.

Prior to 2003, Europe (primarily The Netherlands and Belgium) was the predominant source of Ecstasy consumed in the United States. Increased cooperation among U.S. and European governments, combined with improved law enforcement operations and mass media reports, effectively dismantled the European–U.S. Ecstasy trade. However, U.S. and Canadian intelligence reports indicate that Canada-based drug trafficking organizations are attempting to fill the supply void, and have drastically increased their Ecstasy production and trafficking.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) estimates that the current combined production capacity of Canadian Ecstasy laboratories exceeds 2 million tablets per week. Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies along the U.S.–Canada border report large increases in the flow of Ecstasy from Canada into the United States. In 2003, 568,220 dosage units of Ecstasy were seized federally in the ten Northern border states; in 2006, 5,485,619 dosage units were seized.

Alarmingly, more than 55 percent of the Ecstasy samples seized in the United States last year contained methamphetamine. Cutting their product with less-expensive methamphetamine boosts profits for Canadian Ecstasy producers, likely increases the addictive potential of their product, and effectively gives a dangerous “face lift” to a designer drug that had fallen out of fashion with young American drug users.

Federal law enforcement officers are working with the RCMP to put greater pressure on Canadian Ecstasy producers through increased intelligence sharing and coordinated enforcement operations, and RCMP officials are focusing their efforts on the importation of precursor chemicals used in drug production. In the meantime, Director Walters is urging State and local public health officials to reinvigorate their prevention efforts, to enhance educational outreach to youth, parents, school systems, emergency departments, medical examiners, poison control centers, and law enforcement agencies regarding the hazards of Ecstasy and methamphetamine, to shore up treatment systems to look for and address the unique and well known challenges of meth addiction.

“We cannot allow our young people to once again be victimized by the ‘Rave' culture, ‘designer' drugs, or the myth that drug use is safe,” said Director Walters. “We cannot afford to be complacent with the progress made against Ecstasy since 2001. Just as we must teach new generations of children to read, we must continue to educate new generations of young people on the harms of drug use.”

Released April 29, 2007

Collapse Of Teenage Clubber Highlights Dangers Of New Drug


 The collapse of a teenage clubber after taking a tablet containing 1-benzylpiperazine has highlighted the dangers of this new drug of abuse which many doctors are unfamiliar with, details a Case Report in the Lancet.

It was during a weekend in May 2006 that an 18-year-old girl was rushed to the emergency department of a London (UK) hospital, having collapsed in a nightclub after taking tablets she had bought from a drug dealer.

The girl was one of seven patients admitted to the department with similar symptoms (high blood pressure, Glasgow Coma rating of 15 and low body temperature of 35.9 degrees Celsius), and analysis of her blood and a subsequently seized tablet both revealed presence of 1-benzylpiperazine. Dr David Wood, Department of Clinical Toxicology, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, and colleagues, investigated the case and authored this Case Report.

The girl was treated with intravenous lorazepam and diazepam for her agitation, and was discharged after 12 hours with a warning to avoid recreational drugs.

Piperazines were developed as veterinary anthelmintic (worm removing) agents in the 1950s, and have chemical structures similar to amphetamine (also spelt amfetamine). They are marketed in the UK as the legal alternative to other recreational drugs such as ecstacy, and are available in shops and online.

The manufacturers of these drugs claim that 20 million pills containing piperazines have been consumed in New Zealand with no deaths or significant long term injuries. But these claims have been met with scepticism, since a prospective study in New Zealand revealed 80 cases of patients presenting at emergency departments with symptoms similar to those from taking amphetamines, such as nausea, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, anxiety and agitation. Seizures were reported in 15 of these cases after eight hours, with three patients experiencing potentially life threatening repeated seizures.

The authors conclude: “Clinicians should be aware of the potential presenting features of piperazine toxicity, particularly because commercially available urine toxicological screen kits for drugs of abuse may not detect piperazines.”

In an accompanying comment, Dr Roland Staack, Institute of Forensic Medicine, Ludwig Maximillian’s University, Munich, Germany, says that Piperazines and amphetamines are similarly marketed, consumed by the same population and show similar pharmacological symptoms.

He says: “Wood and colleagues case report is an excellent example to raise clinicians’ awareness of new drugs of abuse and substantiates the importance of a sound toxicological analysis for a correct clinical diagnosis.”

Adapted from materials provided by The Lancet.

Released November 16, 2001

Combining Energy Drinks With Alcohol Potentially Dangerous


The newest rage among college students and teens is mixing energy drinks with alcohol, a potentially dangerous combination, says a Ball State University researcher.

Mixing powerful stimulants contained in some energy drinks with depressants in alcohol could cause cardiopulmonary or cardiovascular failures, said David Pearson, a researcher in the Human Performance Laboratory.

"It is scary to think that these energy drinks are being used as a mixer with vodka and whiskey," he said. "You are just overloading the body with heavy stimulants and heavy depressants."

Pearson, coordinator of exercise science programs, is the author of "Ask Dr. Dave," a column for MH-18 magazine and MH-18.com, its online version. The publications are a spin-off of Men's Health from Rodale Press and are aimed at male teens.

"I think we are going down the same road as when people drink alcohol and ingest ecstasy and other types of designer drugs," he said. "Some people physically cannot take the combination."

Energy drinks are the latest popular fad among America's youth culture. With names like Venom, Whoopass, Red Bull and Adrenaline Rush, energy drinks are being sold by the millions to people looking for a quick boost of energy.

Most energy drinks contain large doses of caffeine and other legal stimulants including ephedrine, guarana, taurine and ginseng. Such drinks are being marketed to people 30 and younger.

Little research has been done to determine if energy drinks are helpful or harmful. The NCAA and some professional sports leagues have banned such stimulants, Pearson said.

"There is a feeling of empowerment after a person drinks one of these," Pearson said. "It is a real big wallop of legal stimulants. The effects can last up to 12 hours.

"Because they are legal and sold over the counter just like cans of pop, kids who have been raised on caffeine-based drinks think they are perfectly fine," he said. "We are just now learning the negative effects of caffeine on the human body. We believe it may cause a decline in the body's immune system."

Adapted from materials provided by Ball State University.


Issue Date 1/13/05

Vaporized Alcohol - Alcohol Without liquid (AWOL)

The future of a new controversial vaporized form of hard alcohol is still up in the air, as doctors, legislators, and educators weigh in on this new way to consume alcohol.

Last week state Sen. Bob Hagedorn introduced a bill that if passed would create a statewide ban on "alcohol without liquid" (AWOL) devices.

AWOL is marketed as new low-calorie, low-carbohydrate, glassless way to drink hard alcohol. The manufacturer even claims the device is the "ultimate party tool." The company's claims include reducing the effects of hangovers and vomiting.

An oxygen generator and a hand-held vaporizer comprise the device. A shot of hard alcohol is poured into the vaporizer, which transforms the alcohol into a mist. The alcoholic mist is then mixed with the oxygen and then inhaled by the user.

Many people from around the state argue that there are too many risks associated with the device, and whether the ultimate party tool has a place in Colorado at all.

AWOL did not return the Colorado Daily's phone calls by press time.

Opponents of AWOL argue that with traditional forms of drinking, one has at least a rudimentary formula to calculate how much alcohol is in their system. One can calculate how much alcohol is in beer and wine, and most even have some idea of the alcohol content of mixed drinks, according to opponents of AWOL.

"What it does is it makes the ingestion of alcohol into the system more efficient; it is a quicker way to get drunk," said Bob Maust, vice-chancellor of student affair's alcohol program at CU-Boulder. "It is more dangerous, because your body wouldn't be giving you the feedback until it is too late."

Vaporized alcohol first made an appearance in the United States in Aug. 2004, in New York City, and its users are mostly concentrated on the East Coast.

"It is an incredibly dangerous way to get alcohol into the system," said Hagedorn. "The individual has no control over how much alcohol they are putting into their brain."

Binge drinkers will likely suffer critical side effects more quickly than those who binge-drink in traditional ways.

"The concern is that, if you get a very high dose very quickly and is then cleared from the system, the chance for seizure is significantly increased," said Ivor Douglas, M.D., Assistant Professor of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine and Director of the Medical Intensive Care at Denver Health and University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

Health officials are not just worried about the intake of liquor, but the intake of toxins in spirits.

"When you buy spirit alcohol that is not pure alcohol, it is a combination of extracted alkaloids from other plants," said Douglas.

"Essentially what you are inhaling is not just alcohol -- it is potentially a very noxious combination of bad stuff. A lot of those other alkaloids are very potent things that would go in your bowels and not be absorbed, they would pass right through. When you inhale them, you have the opportunity to absorb that other stuff as well," said Douglas.

Implications of the new method may also impact drivers. Medical experts say there is a chance that breathalyzers may not be accurate when one uses AWOL to consume alcohol.

"What is going to happen is that people will take a hit of this, and are going to feel really drunk after a small amount of alcohol," said Douglas. "They will be functionally intoxicated, but after a breathalyzer test and you will be functionally below the legal limit because the alcohol has gone right out of your lungs and into your brain."

The product is so new that some federal agencies are not even sure if they have oversight over the product.

"As for the regulation issue," said Kathleen K. Quinn, director of media relations for the Food and Drug Administration, "depending on the marketing, intended use, and product it may be something that could fall under FDA purview."

The Alcohol Tax and Trade Bureau has already conducted its own internal tests of AWOL to see if the product fell under their jurisdiction.

"It is a delivery device, so it does not fall under federal jurisdiction for alcohol beverages," said Art Resnick, director of media affairs for the Alcohol Tax and Trade Bureau. "For it to fall under federal jurisdiction the product would have to act as a 'still.' If it is a device to make distilled spirits then it would require licensing and could only be used on certain premises, we would have all kinds of jurisdiction over the 'still.'"

With no current federal oversight, it is up to each individual state to take action if deemed necessary.

"I think it will have favorable results in the legislature," said Hagedorn. "Also, I have had some very good feelings from Governor Owens' own record that he would sign the bill into law."

 Despite the warnings from experts, there are some who may see them as just hot air and take a calculated risk.

"Most people like to see themselves as sophisticated risk-takers, and that is a nice self-image, but that can be delusional," said Maust.

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